shanghai Municipality

    The address of Shanghai Chenri Chemical Co., Ltd. is Dangxiao, Qixian Town, Fengxian, Shanghai, P.R. China, 201403.

    Qixian town is located at the south part of Shanghai(Marked No.3 in the above map), 121.8 degree east longitude, 30.57 degree north latitude. The total area is 31 square kilometers.There are over 21,000 residences. Qixian town is closed to Huangpu river of Shanghai at the north.The main waterway of Huangpu river Jinhuigang is cross in the area. At the south, there is Hangzhou Bay of East Sea. The traffic condition by highway is excellent. Nanhang highway (Huangpu river to Xinghuo Development Zone) are cross in here. Departure from Qixian town, there is Tingda highway (Tinglin town, Jinshan to Datuan town, Nahui) which is connected to the external ring of Shanghai suburb at 2.5 kilometers to the south, No.5 line of freeway from Chengdu viaduct to Xinghuo development zone at 2 kilometers to the west. From Qixian town, it spent 40 minutes to downtown of Shanghai or international airport, Pudong New Airport, 20 minutes to Xinghuo Development Zone.

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